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Preparing a Manuscript

The following categories of submission will be accepted.

Original Research - Manuscripts describe original research relevant to clinical care and/or teaching in general internal medicine, including health policy issues. Investigations may be descriptive or interventional. Please see details for submitting original research.

We welcome reports of quality improvement projects performed in medical practices in Kansas and surrounding area. The links below provide guidance on the conduct and writing of a these studies.

Reviews - Manuscripts review the practice of medicine, especially topics for which there is new evidence about management options. Reviews should be comprehensive and evidence-based. See details for submitting a review.

We also welcome systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The links below provide guidance on the conduct and writing of a systematic review or meta-analysis.

Commentaries - Manuscripts are expert opinion on timely issues in clinical practice, medical education, and health policy. These manuscripts represent appropriately referenced viewpoints of the author(s). See details for submitting a commentary.

Case Studies - Manuscripts report on interesting and unusual clinical cases that provide insight into clinical practice and generate hypotheses for clinical research. The manuscript should include a review of past published relevant cases, a detailed description of the case or vignette, a discussion of why the case or vignette is unique and adds to past published literature, and implications for subsequent developments in clinical practice, teaching, or research. See details for submitting a case report.

The links below may provide guidance on writing case reports.

Images - Manuscripts present a short history, photograph, differential diagnosis, and brief discussion of a classic and/or rare case.

Letters to the Editor - If you would like to submit a letter in response to an article in the Journal, please send your letter within 6 weeks of publication for the article of interest.

Last modified: Aug 24, 2018