Page 9 - Kansas Journal of Medicine, Volume 10 Issue 4
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9.  What percentage of your patients identify as Hispanic?    KANSAS JOURNAL of  MEDI CIN E
         a.  < 10%
         b.  10 - 25%                                                 RURAL KS FAMILY PHYSICIAN SATISFACTION
         c.  26 - 50%                                                     continued.
         d.  51 - 75%
         e.  > 75%
                                                                APPENDIX B
     10. What percentage of your Hispanic patients are Spanish-speaking only?
            If unsure, please estimate best guess.                                Start the Conversation
         a.  < 10%
         b.  10 - 25%
         c.  26 - 50%                                                    Comenzar la Conversación/Start the Conversation
         d.  51 - 75%
         e.  > 75%                                              This tool is to be used by the physician to start the conversation with a
                                                                Spanish-speaking only patient while waiting for the interpreter.
     11. What resources do you have for interpretive services?   Phrase                     Translation
         a.  Electronic device (i.e., iPad)                     (physician speaking to patient)
         b.  Telephone service
         c.  In person certified translator                     Hola! Me llamo Doctor(a) (insert   Hello! My name is Doctor (insert
         d.  Bilingual medical personnel not certified for interpretation  last name).      last name).
         e.  Family or friends of patient                       Doctor = male, Doctora = female
         f.  Other - please explain:___________                 Soy su doctor(a) hoy. Estoy esper-  I will be your doctor today. I am

     12. How often is a certified interpreter used with exclusively Spanish-  ando la intérprete.  waiting for the interpreter.
             speaking only patients?                            Estoy usando una persona/el iPad/  I will be using a person/the iPad/
         a.  < 25% of the time                                  el teléfono para interpretación hoy.  the telephone for interpretation
         b.  25 - 50% of the time                               Será solo unos minutos.     today. It will be just a few minutes.
         c.  51 - 75% of the time
         d.  100% of the time
     13. Do you find that having a language barrier with your Spanish speaking
             patients makes it more difficult to establish rapport and trust?
         a.  Yes
         b.  No

     14. How would you rate your relationship with your Spanish-speaking only
         a.  Excellent
         b.  Good
         c.  Fair
         d.  Poor

     15. Are you satisfied with the care you are able to provide to your Spanish-
             speaking only patients?
         a.  Yes
         b.  No

     16. How does your ability to care for your Spanish-speaking only patients
             affect your professional satisfaction?
         a.  No affect
         b.  Professional satisfaction decreased
         c.  Professional satisfaction increased
     17. How would you rate your professional satisfaction in regards to your
            physician/patient relationship with Spanish-speaking only patients?
         a.  Excellent
         b.  Good
         c.  Fair
         d.  Poor

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